Monday, 16 July 2012

We are. You are

"Oh, you are wonderful. Not only charming, but intelligent too!"

One of the comments on "Andrea Dworkin Testimony Before the Attorney General on Pornography (4/4)"

The women say the first sentence. The men say the second sentence. At the very beginning of feminism, the feminists were embarrassed of the oversexual behavior of women, and of her walk around the dark streets. To save their womanhood, the feminists assumed that those women are coerced to be bended over, forced to search for the money because of the financial system which is patriarchal, which in turn deprives the women from their rights.

However, the men come and come, telling the feminists that you, the women, are running after us , opening their shirts widely, saying " do you want to enjoy".

Does the woman believe that she is an object of entertainment? If she is in the film, if she submits to the director's orders, which are underestimating to the women, the film will be very fun, the box office will be full of money because there is a naked women proposing herself to the eyes of the audience?

The women are brainwashed and taught by males that they are created to be enjoyed, that their sexuality is very beneficial. To have some money, please come with me over there. She uses the discourse of prostitution to survive in this male dominated society. If she doesn't use the code of sexuality, she will be …...
Some feminists, like Andrea Dworkin, were convinced and embarrassed ( at the same time) by the men's saying about the women.
"Their bodies painted by the white, their bodies full of perfume. Let me keep kissing and licking. Their lips red to arouse the eyes of the men.. mmmm "

But, Miss Andrea Dworkin says that there is a voice, inside the woman, telling her not to be here, telling her to be somewhere else, telling her you're not this woman.

This is human dignity.

The women, it is clear, are seeking for the beauty, the physical beauty , not taking the non-physical beauty in their consideration. In the western societies, the beauty meets with the sexuality. Wherever there is a beauty, there is sexuality. Therefore, the men identify this beauty, the beauty of the skin, the beauty of the voice, the beauty of the body. The most beautiful woman is the sexiest woman that attracts millions of men to have sex with her. They are googling her in the internet annually.
Definitely, that woman is the happiest woman of the world because of her beauty, of her sexism. She thinks that she can control the man because of her sexism and her hotness; unfortunately, she does not know how much this man is degrading her, is objectifying her [ today I want to go the entertainment park]

These interests lead to the rise of the make-up industry organized by men as well as the so-called women. These products are identifying and determining her magical beauty, these products used for the others, for the beholders, not for her, the object of gaze after that.

The first thing the women think of is that she should put on the make-up products that attract the men. It seems that the existence of women is linked to their beauty, not to anything else. Exactly, she conducts the behavior of the peafowl in exciting  the other sex. They select the women sexually. If you are not active sexually, you are dirty, you are rock. "You should submit to his beliefs".

Unfortunately, they accept these standards., as though there is no feminism ever.

The seer is the person who identifies and clarifies the beauty of the women. The concept of the beauty is created, and constructed by the customs of the society. So, the beautiful woman is the woman whom men are gazing at. The other woman is the not-beautiful woman, " the black duck". This woman is detested by the beauties and by the men. They don't respect her in the obsessed-with-the-beauty society; they don't give her the jobs ( the boss wants that woman); they want to see her in the film  and soap operas [ the film must be exciting].  This not-beautiful woman is the devil in this film, that exerts her utmost efforts to take the muscly lover away. Oh, yeah, this woman does not know the romance, so we will make her the destroyer of the romance.

How easily these women are influenced by the norms of the society! They are obsessed with these lies, these gossips, with these stupid comments, with these stupid gazes, with these stupid tenets.

Please, you are the real woman. Please, free yourself from these manacles. I IMPLORE YOU , I AM BEGGING YOU. FREE YOUSELF FROM THEM. Don't make the others identifying you.

GOD LOVES YOU. Identify yourself according to the ideology of God.

Look at George Eliot who was not that beautiful one. She is the greatest novelist that we are proud of.  
Why are you sick mentally?!!? Why is your room full of lipsticks, eyeliners …..? why you don't believe in the science that tell you please , my lady, this stuff is dangerous for your skin. Why you believe in the other lies of the so-called women, who are created and found by men.

You must be the hero in the novel, in the cinema , in the T.V., in the real world. Please go up, up, up, up to the sky. Be at the top of these masculine measurements that restrict you personally, and that hide your Eve, your womanhood.

Now, I tell the males:
"Delta Women are more beautiful than the imaginary women of yours. But we do not like you".

By Mohammed R. Monifi
The Son of the Woman   

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