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Women drug traffickers. Are they the real culprits, or victims?

This post is intended to awaken every woman out there to the increase of grooming and to the dangers of drug trafficking amongst women. Drug trafficking in its purest sense is the dealing of illegal drugs, such as: street narcotics, amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy and crack cocaine.
Over the years drug trafficking has increased steadily and so is a troubling and worrying occurrence, women drug traffickers, is also increasing by the day. There is a reason behind the increase and explanation as to why this crime has increased 80% amongst women, especially amongst young girls.

Before we proceed further, it is imperative and needful to make absolutely clear that there are some sections of women and young girls who willingly partake in drug trafficking, and this post is not about such.
Male drug traffickers, the real culprits, target female students at higher educational institutions, especially the ones studying far from home, local students, and single mothers, most of whom are financially struggling, to traffic drugs. There are monetary benefits, amongst other benefits such as: reliability, a sense of security - women being able get through security checks by means of manipulative disguise - carrying a baby or pretending to be pregnant;  , of using women drug traffickers. The chances of successfully trafficking drugs into a country are higher with female trafficker than with a male trafficker. Also, female drug traffickers are paid less.

Aside female students, and the single mothers; women drug traffickers are also, some of them, in a relationship, sexual, with the main drug trafficker; this is mostly the case in Malaysia – where African drug lords take advantage of innocent local women, first by befriending them, and then introduce the young women into drug trafficking.  These women end up trafficking drugs for their boyfriends, some without knowing – concealing drugs in their travelling bags, purse and so on.  
Are women the real culprits? Or are they the victims?
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In the case of women willingly trafficking drugs, they play the role of lookouts for police and would alert the real trafficker of any suspicious move by the police.
There are also cases of women who have been compelled to traffic drugs in other to meet a demand from their boyfriend or someone they are indebted to; or a blackmail to traffic drugs in other to save or buy a release of their loved ones – family members and friends, kidnapped or had been involved with the same drug cartel but wanted out.

I am not making excuses for women traffickers; they and the drug lords are equally guilty. But the distinction between these two groups is one of a master and a slave, in a supposed sexual relationship; this is another form of slavery, both, by and not by consent.

Trafficking drugs to Europe through Africa is rife and women almost get away with it – women being mostly overlooked and rarely suspected, especially when they are carrying a baby; stopped and searched at the airport compared to men. If caught, the sentences are not as stiff compared to other continents, like Asia. Trafficking drugs to Asia, to a country like China, is a one way ticket, the trafficker will never make it out alive, if caught.

A. A. Omoware

The sophistication of drug smuggling in the West African region, and southern Africa, is alarming. Although there are other secured means of trafficking drugs, women trafficker seems to be the ideal choice, and the rate at which innocent women are being groomed and deceived into the drug trafficking trade is twice as alarming.
There is a need for awareness creation, education, and literature needs to get out there, to advise the average woman and girl on the street, in the villages, cities, states, countries, and Africa as a whole. It is needful we keep the general public, especially young girls, abreast with the facts on women drug trafficking.

A A Omoware

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