Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Female journalist and six others seriously wounded in Somalia.

By: Mohamed Ali Abdi (Royter)

A Somali Female Journalist Ayan Abdulle Gurre works for Somali TV 24 (S.24), was member of the wounded journalists in the suicide bombing at the Theatre of Mogadishu, when hundreds of Somali people including journalists, government officials and other guests were participating the 28 anniversary of Somali National TV, as SOMJA Training secretary Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ayanle confirmed on Wednesday 04, April 2012.
Ayan was a member of seven journalists seriously wounded in the explosion of the Mogadishu Theatre, which they were covering the ceremony of the 28 anniversary of Somali National TV.
The responsibility for the blast attack in the Theatre of Mogadishu was claimed by the Al-Shabab that kills at least eight people and seriously wounded more than 20 people including seven journalists that were covering the event.
Those killed in the blast attack happened at the national Theatre of Somalia in Mogadishu included a Somali Olympic Committee chairman, Aden Haji Yabarow Wiish, and the president of the Somali Football Federation, Said Mohamed Nur. The deputy of the Olympic committee and the chairman of Somali boxing were both injured.
The wounded journalists are:
  1. Ayaan Abdulle Gure (female), of the television station Somali 24 (S.24 TV).
  2. Mohamed Shariif of the radio station Bar-Kulan
  3. Deeqo Mohamed Ahmed (female) of Radio Mogadishu and TV.
  4. Mulki Hassan Hayle (female) of Royal TV
  5. Ahmed Ali Kahiye of Radio Kulmiye
  6. Hamdi Mohammed Hassan Hiis (female) of Somali Channel TV
  7. Said Shire Warsame of Shabelle TV.
The suicide bombing carried out a woman armed with concealed device and she blew herself up, when she was under a crowed people in the Theatre of Mogadishu, where hundreds of people were present that were exhibiting the pleasure of the participating the ceremony of the 28 anniversary of the Somali National TV, which was held at the first time, since the central government of Somalia collapsed, which was led by the deceased man, Mr. Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

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