Friday, 6 April 2012

Interview with Oishii Chocolat

A very well-known escort, who has recently gone UTR (under the radar), Oishii Chocolat, or @TheArtofWhore on twitter, is a fabulous lady, spunky, sweet and fun. In a quick exchange via email, she spoke to DeltaWomen on life, tweeting and more!
1. "The Art of Whore". Wait, what? :) Why the name? What does it signify?
I just KNEW you were going to ask me about that (laughs).  It suppose it invites questions.  Well, the first reason I chose that handle for Twitter is that I find "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu to be an amazing guide to life in general.  The second reason is because I enjoy playing with words, and I like to make people laugh.  I've described "The Art of Whore" as being similar to The Art of War, but sex is the weapon.  I slay with my sexiness. (smile) 

2.  As a tweeter, what are your biggest threats?
I don't feel threatened in any way in regards to Twitter.  I like to have fun, make people laugh, learn a little, and teach a little.  Twitter is a great place to do that, in 140 characters or less. 
3. Do you feel encumbered by anything that imposes "restrictions" on your freedom of expression? 
I do feel the need to think carefully before I tweet, which is a good thing.  I try not to fire off tweets when angry, but rather take a more measured approach.  I want to be taken seriously by those in and supportive of the sex worker community, so I am always conscious of what I type.  I self-edit often, and am fond of deleting tweets that never should have been published! (laughs)  Also, there are some things that are "trade secrets"  that I would only mention via DM to others in the industry.  Lastly, I take care to protect the privacy of others when tweeting by not mentioning personally identifiable details about them.

4. Would you say women are truly liberated? 
I would have to say no; women are NOT truly liberated.  We are provided more freedoms in some countries than in others, but on the whole we are still being controlled and denied our rightful place.
5. What's holding them back? 
The short answer is men, and traitorous women who are fighting alongside them to keep the rest of us subjugated.  As long as men are the ones making the majority of political and social decisions, women will never be truly liberated.  As long as there are women who fall in line by promoting and supporting woman-hating laws and policies, we will be held back.  Solidarity is our only hope for true and complete equality.  A house divided cannot stand, and all that.

6. What inspires you? 
The desire for a more satisfying life, and a happier world for all people.  Thought is the seed of all action.  I try to remember this every day, and use it as the fuel to keep me moving in a positive direction when I just don't have it in me.  I strive to release negative energy and lower vibrations.  Ascension is the ultimate goal. 
7. Would you say you're the quintessential self-motivated person?  
Yes, I would.  My mother always stressed the importance of being the type of person who would just "get things done".  As a result, I have this voice in my head that's always saying "What do I need to do next, and then what after that?"  I light a fire under my own ass. (smiles)

8. You label yourself a rebel. What do you rebel against? 
I rebel against other-imposed definitions of myself and expectations for my behavior.  I rebel against society's views about sex work, male/female relationships, racial issues, even the political process itself.  
9. Why? 
I rebel because silence is approval.  If I don't agree with something, yet don't speak out, I have NO right to complain. I have the right to define my own life and seek happiness in the way that suits me, as does every person.  I have no obligation to be what others expect of a Black woman, an escort, a kinkster, and all of the other words I am.  I decide these things, and that is why I rebel.

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