Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A girl's Story

Ese’s story brought to fore many a reaction. One such is a story of a girl.
I was born on in 1986. I don’t know when the abuse began, and I don’t know how it began. But it did, and for me, sex was a part of my childhood. When I grew, I learned what my abusers were doing to me was ABUSE, was WRONG, and was NEVER to happen again. And that was when I decided to stop it.
My father, can you believe it, my father, was the accommodating one? I was abused later by my cousins, two of them, when they were 11 and 15. I was crying, the day it happened, and I ran to seek solace in my parents’ comfort. But my cousin – he lied brazenly and denied it, and made me out to be a liar. My family was angry, and my parents were all set to disown me and send me packing to the village. I begged, I pleaded, I grovelled and asked my parents to spare me. My cousin – he had the audacity to lie, and then act like he was condescending enough to “care”, and begged my parents to “forgive me for lying”! 

I always cried, those days, to God. I would pray, and ask for him to help. 

Later, my father died. My cousin was not in school then, his only saviour, my father, was not around any longer. 

Today, I am a graduate, and will be going for my masters. My cousin is suffering for his sins, wandering about in the village and wreaking havoc and trouble everywhere. My father came to me in a dream and asked me to forgive him, I have. My mother never asked for forgiveness, but I have forgiven her, too. 

With my independence and educational emancipation, I am thankful to God for answering my prayers. I no longer think about the incident with fear, because bringing that back in life means that my past will surely kill my future. I did a lot of bad things because of the abuse, I indulged in sex and also took to drinking. I was tormented by the episode- but God took care of me. I am grateful to my parents for ensuring my education at the best of Universities and Schools. I have distanced myself from relatives on my father’s side – they were gold-diggers and never meant anything profound.
I still need counselling these days. But I am coping, healing, and fighting. 

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