Sunday, 10 June 2012


On the 9th of June, 2012, Deltawomen's team paid a visit to the Onotu-uku of Obiaruku, High Chief Amudo in order to indentify their needs/problem, and then go back to draw up a blue print for their solutions.
At 11:20 am, Deltawomen's team arrived at the Onotu-uku's palace.

The team were warmly recieved by the Onotu-uku and his chiefs. He presented cola-nuts to welcome them, Deltawomen's team also presented theirs to the Onotu-uku who recieved it, and prayed for them.

Lady Flora Dafe, a member of Deltawomen, thanked the Onotu-uku for recieving the team. She stated that Deltawomen is an NGO, registered in America and Nigeria, and is primarily focused on reducing the sufferings of women in Delta state in particular and Nigeria in general. She further stated that Deltawomen is not a political party, and not in affilliation with any political party or group; that what Deltawomen do is to visit communities, identify their needs/problems, then go back and draw-up a blue print on solving their problems.

On the same note, the programme officer, Mr. Egbonimali Shedrack said that Deltawomen is giving service to communities in order to  alleviate the sufferings of Deltans. He stated that in the last one month, Deltawomen has tested and equally given out prescription reading glasses free of charge, and had initiated projects in some communities in Delta state.

After listening to Deltawomen's team, High Chief Amudo said he would want Deltawomen to organize free eye test and give out free reading glasses to his community members, stressing that eye is life, and that most of his chiefs need reading glasses.

In response, Mr. Egbonimali thanked the Onotu-uk and his Chiefs for their reception, and pledged  to take their request to the management of Deltawomen, and get back to them.

Deltawomen's team that went for the visit are; Lady Flora Dafe, Mrs. Herriata Ekei, Mrs. Judith Omayeka, Mr. Egbonimali Shedrack, Miss. Gloria Amudor, and Miss. Peace Agbojie.

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