Saturday, 11 August 2012

Inner Beauty

Beauty is a word that fascinate us and makes us rush  and can sometimes  make us do anything to get it, in order to feel inner satisfaction, we are the main actress here , we have never been what we are now, our feelings are now connected to Technology , Being better , being richer and of course more beautiful. It maybe also be  because of the wide range of  development that our civilization is experiencing  now, and of course our busy life that takes us from the right correct of beauty, our lives take us away from the original faith born orbit that was created the day our heart first pumped blood.

Our personality is connected to the thing that makes the person happy and sometimes it is a part of it. Our life makes us what we are now and forever, we may not be what we are forever but that inner piece that control us, that inner piece that Leonardo Devenish found when he started his favorite talent  and it is that inner piece that Shakespeare found when he started serving in the ocean of feelings and metaphoric human characteristics that we can never strictly  define  , and it’s  the same  inner piece that launched both of them into greatness chair .

Sometimes inner beauty  can never be accomplished  without a beautiful giving soul that stimulate us and generated the good deeds that I call inner beauty . In there inside despite the anger , despite the authority that was give to you , despite your goal in life , that small effective arena in your heart will be still generating  love , humanity and faith that can then be rejected by our outside defensive cover that we created and regenerate  by living life as we know it now . But I strictly call it outside cover because it never affects our inner beauty. So give your soul , give people the chance to discover your beauty , give it a chance  and break that defensive cover and let your inner beauty speak in behalf of you and you will feel as if born again.

Written by Rugia Malik

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