Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Deltawomen's Press Statement

This is in pursuit of a response to the allegations that were proposed by Hon. Okpoko in maligning Delta Women’s image. Delta Women is not a political organization, but is a rights-based establishment that strives to assist the creation of a world that would encourage the birth of free thinking individuals. We neither seek political appointments nor have any intention of going into politics, and we are not funded by politicians.
At the outset, when we heard of the need for a school, we first contacted Hon. Okpoko through phone calls and messages on Facebook. But, he did not answer any. Delta Women were also in his office to deliver the letter.  We waited in his office for 3 hours and there was nobody except one person who told us that the Secretary was away and that he was not authorized to sign on his behalf. We then proceeded and sent a letter to the governor, and Mr. Hon. Okpoko was copied alongside. After that, we called, we sent him Facebook messages, but none were replied to. [All details of conversations are appended at the Enclosures in the bottom of this Press Release.]
After Gov.Uduaghan team went to the village, we made a copy of the findings. These were the hand delivered to Hon. Okpoko’s office where we met with the aforesaid person, John Ejiro, for the second time in his office, who, this time, signed for the letter.
We assert that Delta Women is not responsible for who we meet in the office and who identifies them self as Hon. Okpoko’s employee. We have also publicly published Mr. John Ejiro's number and also made this number available to Urhobo times. Through the mediation of the Delta State DPP Chairman, We and Hon. Okpoko were able to talk. Upon our discussion, we made Hon. Okpoko understand that it was not witch hunting, and that we were not interested in pulling him down as he said. We were only representing the village in their quest to get a school. We are surprised that a statement was released from his office, still claiming such untruths such as that Delta Women had not contacted him or any such. We wish to assert that we do not appreciate false statements that go on to malign the image of our organization, and should the claim continue, we will not hesitate to take legal action.
Elsie Ijorogu-Reed
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