Thursday, 6 September 2012

Merciless Night

This is a conversation of a girl with her mother depicting their hardships and unsaid desires. They earn their living by selling hand-made wooden flutes, revenue from which barely feeds them. The little girl’s father spends a major portion of the family’s income on alcohol. Her mother plays the biggest role in supporting her family by working as a domestic help.
“Will we ever sleep under the roof of our own? I want to sleep in my own room where all the walls belong to me”, said a nine years old Tani (name changed).
She lives with her family on the roadside.
Her mother replies with a catch in her voice. “God’s pocket is full of wishes for everyone, you’ll be blessed too.”
“Why does God let me be called a ‘rotten apple’ by your mistress’ son? He says all girls are like that. Am I ugly?”
Her mother, deftly crafting flutes, replied patiently. “Never lower your level to anyone else’ level. Don’t believe someone who speaks ill of you, as you won’t bite a dog back if he bites you, my beautiful princess! See the world through my eyes.”
“I wish, mother, that the whole world could see through your eyes”, sighed little Tani.
As twilight breathed in, it began to drizzle and her heart was filled with disheartening thoughts because of her deplorable condition. Passers-by kept staring at Tani with hatred in their eyes. She felt as if she was nude under the transparent bubble of hopeful safety her mother put on her. Sad but true, the dignity of woman was at stake for seeking pleasure. She hid behind her mother but vulgar eyes didn’t spare her mother as well.
Tani lay down to sleep. She stared at the sky and wondered if she could be a star and become famous. She realized that education and schooling was important for all that she desired. But she knew inside that the circumstances weren’t favorable for the same.
Fortunately, sleep blessed her with sweet dreams. It wasn’t the blessed night for her. The next morning, she woke up in miserable light. She had been kidnapped overnight by some men. And was used, abused and tossed about.
I can’t abuse the girl by describing the incident further...

Written by Aakshi Kalra

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