Friday, 12 October 2012

A healing touch

I was sitting on a bench in park thinking about my issues and life’s monotony. I never realized that I have been sitting there since for three hours. Suddenly, a dry fruit with few leaves shed from a tree above and caught my attention. In these few hours, I realized how far I from my inner self and nearer to earthly mortal things I was. I pitied myself. 

In the midst of my conversation with myself, I felt a warm pat over my shoulder which gave me a sense of security and affirmation to my belief and desire. I turned back and saw an old graceful lady with a beautiful healing smile. She asked me gently about my worries. I broke into tears and narrated my story to a somewhat known stranger. I was being harassed by my boss and my family needed my support financially so I could not leave work. He spoke disgustingly everyday and I stood helpless as I immediately recalled the necessities of my family. It was really so difficult to bear this on daily basis. I felt like finishing off my life as it would also reduce the burden of a person from my family. I was scared. 

The old lady smiled and said, “As a woman, you are born with a talent to bear pain more effectively. Life is not easy for anyone but it is worth living for, any day! Imagine the plight of your parents and family when they will see your dead body. It might be an easy step for you at this moment but its consequences are dreadful. Remember when God gives you troubles; he also gives you strength to bear the same. I am with you dear!”
I felt as if God came in disguise of a lady and guided me through hurdles. She again patted on my back and said, “I am standing along your side. Go ahead. You are born as a WOMAN who doesn’t need further introduction”.

-Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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