Saturday, 13 October 2012

Brutal abortions

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy at pre-term. It occurs either spontaneously or is induced. Brutal abortions are always induced. Per the WHO, Unsafe abortion rates are the number of unsafe abortions per 1000 women aged 15–44 years in a year. This measure describes the level of unsafe abortions in a population. Forced Abortion is an inhumane act which not only kills an unborn child but also a blooming mother against her wish.

Per the statistics given by WHO, Each year, throughout the world, approximately 210 million women become pregnant and over 135 million of them deliver live born infants. The remaining 75 million pregnancies end in stillbirth, or spontaneous or induced abortion. It was estimated that in 2003 approximately 42 million pregnancies were voluntarily terminated: 22 million safely and 20 million unsafely. Unsafe abortions are frequently performed by providers lacking qualifications/Quacks. Hence, they compromise with the health of the woman and jeopardize it. Even in voluntarily carried out abortions, there are majority of cases in which abortions are done against the wish of the mother. She cries and yells at the decision and pleads for her fetus’s life but…. Family pressure for the desire of a boy child and then knowing the gender prior to term through certain medical procedures (though they are illegal) or because of financial issues, woman forcibly abort their child. What is the fault of the child in this? But at the stake of family’s honor, a child loses her life.
Unsafe Abortions may be hazardous to the health of the would-be mother and can have serious consequences. We, as human beings have been bestowed with an ability to give birth to a child and we ought to respect this blessing.

Female and male children are equal in every possible term. It is considered that the male child will carry the name of the family ahead but as it is visible these days, hardly any man prefers to stay with his parents - what is the point then? Women may not be able to carry the “name” but can definitely bring in the fame. A woman’s tender care for her ailing parents is evident even after her marriage.
Deeds make us bigger not name and gender.
Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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