Sunday, 28 October 2012

Changing the world, one person at a time

Women born and brought up in rural areas are less educated and less aware of her rights. Women are forced to dedicate their lives only for the purpose of household chores. They are denied their basic access to her freedom and confined to four walls. 

Here’s a path breaking woman who knew her potential and possible ways to create her space in this male dominated society. I am writing about my short yet quite inspiring conversation with her. I am glad I could meet her in this journey of my life.

While I was waiting at the station, I saw an old woman carrying big bags which were certainly not easy to hold. She stood near a pole and sighed with relief and smiled. I wondered why she smiled. I heard that the train was delayed for 20 minutes and in those few minutes I decided to interact with her. I shared the same waiting bench with her and couldn’t stop myself from asking her, where she was going  with such heavy luggage.

Old lady replied, “My journey has no end. I am a voyager.”

Curiosity aroused in me to inquire further, I said, “Tell me, where, as I may help you out.”

She smiled and said, “I am from a distant village and I am carrying clothes and books in these bags for primary students. I have seen the condition of my villagers and especially young girls who couldn’t attend school. I am one of them. Since I have realized the need of the hour which is education, I believe I must spread the same for putting a concrete stone in the building up of society. Education makes us differentiate between justified and unjustified, correct and wrong and duties and rights. Girls in my village were made to work as unpaid slaves and maids. They were denied education and outdoor games. They were being sacrificed to the tradition of early marriage which led to widespread problems. I felt the need to bring about the change. I have recently opened up a small school in my village with the help of administration. The main reason behind my success is my family’s constant support.”

I became quite enthusiastic and asked further, “So what is your plan?”
She promptly answered, “Each one teach at least one. If I as an illiterate could understand this why can’t literates understand? ” 

I instantly replied,” Hats off to you Madam for your courage and thought provoking views.”
She said, “I am on my way to a village where a woman like me is running a school in a room. I wish to help her in her endeavor.”

What an inspiration, indeed!

By Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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