Saturday, 6 October 2012

Miss Tiny Feet

A small girl, perhaps aged around 7 or 8, with curly long hair and tiny feet was counting her coins. She was trying to buy a dress for herself. Her day started with looking into a small broken piece of a mirror wandering if she could comb her long hair or could have a haircut. But she used to console herself by saying that she should always keep a beautiful green tree in my heart, singing birds will chirp definitely one day.

She walked along the road holding her mother’s hand. She used to get tired of walking soon. She wanted her mother to hold her in her arms but her mother’s declining health was a concern for her. She was sensitive towards animals because she used to see herself in them. She loved nature. They reached a three-storied house and stared at the dirt all around. 

Can you imagine what she did next? 

She started picking up garbage. She swept the floor of the house with her little hands. It was her job, her mode of sustenance. She used to clean houses with her mother. She used to take double the time to clean the same as compared to her mother. It was difficult for her to do such household chores. It was painful for her mother to see her daughter in misery but she was helpless. Her health was a compromising factor at that stage of her life and to keep up a family - just the two of them - was a concern. 

Ms. Tiny Feet’s innocence never melted her hard hearted masters. She would walk miles and miles everyday with her mother. She would sing songs on nature to cope with hurdles and difficulties. She never cried. Her smile had the power of making anyone forget their worries. 

One day while both of them were walking along the path, on their way to daily routine Tiny Feet fell on the road and hurt herself. The bleeding wound couldn’t stop her. She said that she was fine and moved on.
Her faith, her resilience and her strength sends YOU a message. NEVER give up!

Written by Aakshi Kalra

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