Monday, 1 October 2012

Deltawomen’s Concerns

 We are concerned that the 2013 budget would be drafted and passed only in May, and we are unsure of when it will be executed.

Following that, a tender and subsequent approval of a contractor is required. Our concerns are that the establishment of the school may be lost in a pile of bureaucratic work, and may not even begin to work until October next year. Therefore, it remains that while all this is going on, the children of Okuijorogu, in  Delta State, Nigeria will still be forced to cross the dangerous and unattended Benin/Sapele express road. This will also deprive many children from five year old of educational rights; since many of them rely on transportation by their mother’s backs – as mothers cannot participate in this owing to their status as breadwinners of their families. Should they leave that responsibilities and take their children to school, their families might have to go without a meal. The school that is situated 4 kilometers away from their community does not have chairs, the buildings are dilapidated
If they continue without the assistance of the government, a child might lose his life while crossing the express road.

We wish that the authorities would consider the need for the safety of the children a top priority!

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