Friday, 2 November 2012

Are you serving the right dish to your life?

We live in a so-called modern and civilized world. While trying to keep pace with the same, our day finishes between the office and home. Ask yourself whether you are utilizing your potentials and resources up to the maximum. Most of us will answer a NO. It is indeed unfortunate for our own world. Though most of us want to help others, we complain about time and duties that they bind us. 

Underdeveloped nationals and nations require our help. Our self designated responsibilities restrain us from doing so. We believe in finishing ‘this’ piece of work then work for others. After ‘this’ work is over another ‘this’ work comes up. 

It is not indispensable to help others but morally we have a duty. We are lucky to be born as humans. We should make the most of it. Many unfortunate women are not able to lead a healthy independent life because of mere lack of support from their peers and family. There is no one who could render a helping hand. I am not asking for alms but for a healing touch and a caring hand. Volunteering efforts towards women who just need our support can create a difference in the individual lives and society as a whole. 

Underprivileged children cry for bare minimum needs. In certain areas, there are no provisions for electricity and schooling. Girls are denied of education. Earning to feed your own family is a normal thing. But if we simply stand up together for their rights, I believe that it would be sufficient enough. 

There are numerous ways to help women namely; teaching them, giving vocational training, supporting them mentally and providing health services - these are just to name a few. Assisting underprivileged women would intend to improve their quality of life. Altruistic activities will eventually help our women community grow. Hence, it is a virtue of mankind who are bestowed with such capabilities to create a difference in other’s life so why not optimize this available opportunity. After all, serving the right dish to life will be the right serving to God too!

- Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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