Sunday, 25 November 2012

Don't stop Dreaming

I want to begin my first blog for a woman’s website by saying ‘Never stop dreaming’. It is very easy for us women to say there is a house to keep, there is food to cook, there is a job for a livelihood and there are children to look after and a family to take care of. And to forget that there is a person underneath the woman and an ability to weave beautiful patterns and mould undulating shapes and lead nations.

In every woman there is a leader, there is a power, there is a greatness. She binds families, develops cohesiveness that propels her family forward and does it so easily and with a deftness that amazes. And yet, the woman is called powerless, a faint shadow that needs more than a sprinkle of the helping hand and we question her abilities, let alone think of her leading and trailblazing and building and creating.

It is the 21st century- a time when there is a small section in the world of women who do have the luxury to be able to live and dream. But a vast majority there are still rooted, still stagnated beyond despair. Am I being unsavoury saying this? Am I being unrealistic and mean saying women are not achieving and women are lagging behind? Am I being hard on them? Reading through tomes of writings from everywhere today, I think I will have to say that however much I might want to say ‘women have arrived’ I cannot. And it is not about socio economic disparity and divides that I speak of as I say this. It is attitudes, it is thoughts, it is visions. No socio economic deprivation can stop the mind from thinking and the heart from yearning – a yearning to build, create and move ahead- from our dreams.

And it is with this note and plea that I want to end today- to women themselves- we all need to prevent ourselves from stopping to dream and to live a dream. Go – build and create! The world needs you!

By Anusmita Baruah

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  1. Beautifully said! Thank you. Hope this gets women to start living the dream/life they were meant to.