Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finally arrived at ‘home sweet home’

For a child, what is home? A place where the child wishes to return back at night for sound sleep, a roof under which dreams can be fulfilled and a ground over which one feels safe and secured especially in case of a girl child. We all are blessed with such homes that is why we are sitting on our couches and reading this. Unfortunately, few people are not bestowed with the same. For a child, life begins in her mother’s lap from where she starts seeing the world. Slowly she begins to crawl in house with her tender hands. But what if there’s no house for mother’s lap or for crawling? At times there’s enough space for seating a boy child than for a girl child. 

A poor mother couldn’t afford the upbringing of her two children (a boy and a girl). She took a harsh decision and left her daughter at the station in the hope that she will be back with food. But as expected, she never turned up. Why such disparity? That lady thought that it was better to take son along as in her old age years; he would possibly become her support. The girl was deserted with naked eyes screening her. Her sight was keenly waiting for her mother. She met a man who sympathized with her condition. She was in tears. That man fed her up to a full stomach. He took her to his sister’s place where the little girl who was just 7 years old then could be employed as a maid. She was never treated as a child there. She worked day and night ardently. She was interested in studying further which was reflected many a times from her behavior. She used to find out the mistakes in calculations instantly. Her efforts to study were all in vain as the family where she stayed never wanted her to grow. 

Eight long years had passed but situation never changed. She decided to quit her life but even that was not fine with the world around. She was beaten up harshly in the perception that she had stolen the knife from kitchen in order to injure the masters. When the family realized that She was of no use to them; they had put accusations upon her that she had stolen their jewellery. They had secretly hided their valuables in her bag. She was sent to juvenile centre for correction for another 4 years. Meanwhile, she turned 18 and was sent to jail. 

Fortunately there in jail, her interview was taken by a journalist who had come to see the lives of criminals. She narrated her story which was published in a leading paper. This turned out to be blessing in disguise. A thoroughly caring family read it and decided to help this girl out. They wished to adopt her. It was difficult to convince her she had undergone lot of struggle. She had stopped living. She believed that there was no morning and dreams never come true. Family’s sincere efforts came out to be fruitful and somehow things worked out. Now, she lives happily with her ‘real’ family where home means the same a child always wishes to have.

Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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