Thursday, 22 November 2012

Right to decide upon dreams

I am a small village girl and like any other girl I have few dreams and aspirations. I wanted to study but at times my luck and at times my family didn’t support me. I was 5 years old when I went to school for the very first time. I was allowed to attend school after months of my earnest requests. I was blooming and growing every day. My feet were not on land as I had got what I wanted. I used to die to go to school everyday. I was always ready an hour before and my interest was inculcated in studying more and more. My motive was to become a teacher as I wanted to see everyone learned. 

The feeling was there in me because I wanted to see every woman like my mother educated. I had seen hardships faced by her. As I was growing up, I realized my education was becoming a hurdle between me and my parents. They wanted me to learn cooking. Paying for my school fees was a painstaking task than paying for my brother’s fees. I was reluctant to leave schooling though it wasn’t my right to decide upon this. I was sent to my aunt’s place so as to keep me away from studies. My aunt asked me to pursue my education but here fate didn’t favor me. The school officials entangled us in certain documental issues and I was denied my favorite thing- my education all over again. 

Well, I accepted this too. I was certain that one day I’ll be able to study again. Later, I returned home filled with optimism. However, adverse was waiting with open arms. My parents had chosen a groom for me. I had to get married within a month. If this wasn’t enough, I lost my husband (the meaning of the word ‘husband’ was till then unknown to me) within a year of my marriage. I was just 13 years old and then everyone began to abandon me. I was considered as a non living thing because still a widow has no life in many villages. I was dying a bit everyday. Then my parents decided to send me school again. I revived. A sense of new life enriched within me. Now, I am a teacher and there are 150 students in my school. Finally, I am living my life with my right to decide upon my dreams. 

Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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