Thursday, 8 November 2012

Women To Tackle National Issues-NGO

A non governmental orgnization, Deltawomen, has said it is committed to realizing the dreams of women as pivotal change makers who against all odds strive to make their impact felt.
Mr.  Agboje Shedrack, who spoke on behalf of the CEO, Mrs Elsie Reed said the organization was spurred by the need to raise transformational leaders who will change the nation. He said though everyone was lamenting about the deplorable situation in the country, “it would remain same if women do not pick up the auntlet.”
“Women are natural born leaders and so should be given the opportunity to carve a niche for themselves in the society.
“Female folks are uniquely positioned as life springs and conscience of
the nation and as such is imperative that they realize their purpose,” He said .
He also said women, to a large extent, affect the destiny of a nation because they influence direction of values of youth.
He noted that by the  time leadership schools are trying to teach people the principles of leadership, it is usually too late but when a mother handles a child and talks to them about what is right or wrong it stays with them.
He, however, said Deltawomen was dedicated to empower them to be positioned as catalyst in promoting social justice, social welfare and equity in different works of life as well as people of
character and purpose who are change agent.
Source: Pointer Newspaper. Vol 12, No 3403 ISSN 14444-5975 Thursday, November 8, 2021

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