Saturday, 22 December 2012

Another heinous crime against woman: Is there no morning?

Yet another case of rape; not new but more heinous. A 23 years old para-medical student in Delhi, India was recently gang raped in a public transport. How shameful is it? The girl and her friend were on their way to home after enjoying a day with friends. Rape seems to be terrible than a murder. Life after rape is life less. Life on social and personal front is almost over. That girl is fighting for her life in hospital. As per the doctors, chances of her survival are dim. See the humanity check, she was thrown as a waste material on the road and both were beaten up badly. A woman is the one who gives birth to a man. That’s the kind of respect one owes to her. How would have she thought that going out with friends casually would bring such disastrous outcome. Country seems to be outraged. Various campaigns throughout the country are being carried out. People need answers. Rationalization on the whole has dipped. Capital punishment might be an immediate solution but it is not the key to stop such crimes. In fact capital punishment is an easy punishment in front of their horrendous offence. I do not wish to particularly pin point this case. Many such cases have already been recorded in history like of Hanufa Khatoon, children of Nithari case and in 2003, when a 36-year-old Swiss diplomat was abducted and raped in her own car and many more… has something changed? The brutal crime is continuing and on a worsened scale. The figures of 582 rapes this year, as opposed to 480 cases reported last year in Delhi. This is a question mark to the conscience of the citizens too.
My main motive is to bring out the issue on global stand. Situation of the women seems to be deteriorating now. What rapists are proving that woman has no respect and will of her own? Woman is neither a substance nor a material for use. Woman is the one who makes four walls of your house a home. How can one walk over her? It is so unfortunate to see how a woman is being treated. I don’t think it’s that difficult to be a human. Number of rape cases is increasing globally. We need to wake up (before humanity sleeps forever) as it’s the need of the hour. We can’t let offenders commit such crimes in near future at any place.
What are we doing to curb this crime? Are sufficient steps being taken? Why aren’t offenders afraid before doing crimes? Is it our fault somewhere? Where’s the conscious sleeping? This issue needs global stand. Public involvement is indispensible. Eve teasing and molestation are few crimes which need to be tackled with severity for which general public need to respond. We need to spread the word to as many as possible. Such culprits should be dealt with severe hand and on immediate basis. 

Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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