Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Child trafficking – Made me dirty and profane!

Child trafficking is a publicly criticized issue world over. It not only breeds devilish tendencies but also destroys the life of the child involved. Her childhood and adolescence are curbed and she is forced to succumb to her miseries. Though statistics regarding trafficking are difficult to gather, the International Labour Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. Children who are being trafficked are exploited in various ways; forced labor, begging, drug trade, sexual exploitation to name a few. It has an enormous impact on the families of the child as well. Appropriate measures need to be initiated in order to curb this crime. Here’s a story among the millions of stories about a school going girl (story in her own words) who unfortunately became a prey of these evil doers. 

I was 16 years old then and wished to become a doctor in future. I belong to a simple family. My father works as a security guard and my mother is a housewife. I am the only child. 

It was a usual day, that day. We had an exhibition in school next morning for which my friend was making a model. I planned to visit my friend’s place in the evening after school so as to help her in making the model. I took her address while coming back, ate lunch and informed my parents that I would be back in 2 hours. My parents asked about my safety and I told them that I was well acquainted with the roads so they need not worry. Their concern was relieved. 

I was trying to locate her house but I wasn’t able to find it. I took the help of a lady who approached me herself. She seemed to be residing in a nearby house, I saw that she held shopping bags. She said convincingly that she knew the way and this address was near her place so she could guide me. I went along with her being pleased by her gesture. With the excuse of drinking water, she took me at her place and tied me with a rope forcefully. I was beaten by her badly. At midnight, she took me to a distant place.

Meanwhile, my parents were worried and approached the police. They approached to my school also but all in vain. I was ‘sold’ to another woman as I was a virgin who could gather enough money for them. I was being showcased to many men who stared at me salaciously. I was dying minute by minute. They decided to send me to beg on the roads in other states if a good buyer didn't turn up. Finally, they got a man who wished to ‘buy’ me so that I could give him a ‘son’. He took me to his home. He exploited my honor almost every day. I felt disgusted and insulted. I was beaten up if I didn’t work. I was in pain- both physically and mentally. I was made to do household chores like a servant. I was not even considered a human. I was completely devastated as apart from all this, I was not even allowed to step out of the house. I was literally being used as a chattel. 

Fortunately after a month, a brighter dawn rose. I got a chance to use the phone and call my father. I didn’t know the place I was at but I told him the name of the man and through the mobile number, police traced me. Alas! I was rescued from that hell but I was made dirty and profane! 

The whole racket of child trafficking was in the police’s hands. There were many women involved. Ironical but true, a woman was selling a woman. I cried a lot and it took me years to overcome this. My parents are still in shock. I am going to continue my schooling now. 

This story brings out the courage of a girl but what about other girls who are entangled in this trafficking. Every girl isn’t lucky enough to get an opportunity and free herself. Under whose negligence such incidents occur? Who is to be blamed? What appropriate actions are required to be taken globally in order to prevent trafficking or what steps are being taken to fight against it? Such questions are unanswered. Strict and stringent actions are required against such culpable doers. In fact we need to prevent trafficking instead of waiting for more such incidents to take place and then taking actions.

By Aakshi Kalra

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  1. Nigeria women are the ones helping trafficker to traffick young girls from Nigeria to other countries. Even in Nigeria, Nigeria women are involved in recruiting young high school girls, as well as university graduates for Indians andoher PIMPS who will inturn sell these girls/women to traffickers to be shipped to foreign countries for prostitution.

    Recently, one of my nieces told me that a woman wanted to recruit her for an Indian who lives in lekky peninsula as a house girl or helper. She said the woman also told her that there are many young high school girls already working for this Indian man. Since she is a university graduate, the man may not let her do house chores,but to work at other areas. PIMPS and women traffickers are doing more harm to Nigeria women than Nigeria men.