Thursday, 27 December 2012

Congolese army and rebel fighters accused of mass rape and looting (News & Media -United Nations Radio)

We are the backbone of society—yet we are truly at the background of many societies.
I am afforded many rights and blessings; thankful to my American Upbringing I have lived a dichotic lifestyle. When I hear the U.S. Army, Navy, American Foreign Policy the first thing I think of is that I’m safe. Sadly this is not the case for many like me, many women that is.  

Recently, in the Democratic Republic of Congo women have been the victims of human right violations.  These violations are degrading, derogatory and disheartening to truly learn of.  Women amounting to a total of One-Hundred and Twenty-Six victims were sexually harassed, violated and raped.  

Take a moment to reflect on that---

In less than two weeks, ten days to be exact, at minimum 126 women lost a right that they had and were insulted, ridiculed and used.  What makes matters worse is that these women suffered silently, as coverage of this mass rape failed to transmit over our popular media outlets.  

Over ten days they were victims, and not one voice resonated through.  

Then I look back and I reflect on how thankful I am to feel safe, and have some of my basic human rights afforded to me.  Although, women around our nation face these acts of violence and injustice there remains one major difference between every act– The Perpetrator.  

These women were victims of those who were supposed to protect them, their own Congolese Army Soldiers. Amidst battles against rebels within the country, women were made victims instead of being protected.  It is a shame to see that women experience these atrocious acts every day and even more so when the country that they live in, supplies their very own enemies.

I encourage you to read more at News & Media - United Nations - Democratic Republic of Congo. Learning brings awareness, awareness leads to advocacy, and advocacy brings change.   So BE that change.
By: Juliet Abdeljawad

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