Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Marriage at right time with right person

Life was much simpler when I was in my teens. Responsibilities never knew my address. I was like a free bird; flying in my own zone. Though I am not captivated now I am bound with some unsung responsibilities. I am saying so because I think I am too young for it. A woman, no matter rich or poor, educated or uneducated has to tie knots. By tying knots I mean marrying someone. 

Marriage is like a pious ritual which is abided by many religions. I do not deny the fact that it is important morally, ethically and for carrying the name of the family further (progeny) but at the same time it shouldn’t make a woman deprived off her wishes to fulfill her dreams. Many married women especially in a country like India are not able to pursue their higher studies, establish or secure their career. The reason being simple, she is expected to take charge of all household chores and sideline her personal ambitions. In few cases, marriage becomes a binding upon a woman. Her wishes are curbed under the burden of responsibilities. Marriage works on equal hand clapping; both man and woman have to work together as the two sides of coin and in coordination. Marriage is not about two individuals living together rather it is a relation when two individuals reside together as one. Unfortunately, things are not so easy for all. 

Many women have to give up on their careers to maintain and save the relationship. The cause of this sacrifice is her family whom she has left behind. As said, it is better to fix the things rather than replacing them. Hence, try to fix the problems, find appropriate solutions so as to save it. In India especially, this is the scenario. Women bear all sorts of pain because if she revokes adherence, it will bring in a bad name to her family along with innumerable taunts and criticism from relatives and peers. This is pathetic. 

I believe that responsibilities along with marriage are indispensable. In due course of time, they are important too because then the person is mentally prepared for the same. In many instances, girls are not prepared for marriage. They agree for the sake of family prestige and then suffer. 

There’s one more outlook of marriages. Groom and his family look for beautiful bride. Many like/fall in love with someone through their physical beauty but it is their true character with which one has to spend the entire life. For many, it is difficult to bring it in practice. Many cases have been seen where women are happier post marriage. Why not make it the same for every woman… after all, happiness is everyone’s share.

Point is that marriage should at right age when person, be it groom or bride is mature enough to take the responsibility. Marriage shouldn’t be a forced wish. Respect the girls because by marrying, they left their family to make groom’s life better. This way, a girl won’t be scared marrying. Marriage is a beautiful relation and extremely important for continuity of life. Secondly, don’t run after outer beauty, see inner beauty as well. A beautiful heart is any day better than just a beautiful face.

Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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