Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A black day!

A beautiful soul has parted from us. The girl who was gang-raped in Delhi weeks ago has succumbed to her injuries. Multiple organ failure, severe brain damage and removal of intestines… she endured them all. Her fight was not just a struggle for mere existence but for her lost honor. She had no fault but circumstances made her bear the suffering. It is a mourning day for every individual, be it in Delhi or elsewhere. We have tears filled in our eyes, also because justice is awaited and the girl wouldn’t be able to see it.
Her death can be seen through two angles; one is that she got rid of her pain and miserable life. She will be going to heaven where she doesn’t have to fear of rape and molestation. Second angle, a new beginning and granting complete justice to the parted soul. The kind of rage and disgust shown by the countrymen is commendable. Protests at various places by many made us hope for a better dawn.
Sacrifice of the girl shouldn’t go wasted. It shouldn’t be a momentary change. History has seen such evidences when women were badly abused and after some time it was forgotten easily. Women are not substances. Why can’t strict actions be taken or strict rules and regulations are made so that men become scared of committing such horrendous crimes?
Such incidents should never happen across the globe. She might have stopped breathing but somewhere she is breathing inside every woman. Such time should come when women wouldn’t hesitate to walk on roads at dusk. They must be treated with equal respect and regard. Everyone has women at home and we respect them. Respect women outside the premises of your home too. We all need to stand together and join hands so as to ascertain that such cases are not repeated. The accused should get appropriate punishment and hence justice for everyone. New Year is stepping in our lives soon, hopefully it brings along brighter days for women globally.
“Together we can, together we will”
Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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