Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Silence of women

Women especially in a country like India have always been portrayed as soft-hearted and submissive. Women from different walks of life behave differently but majority of our women suffer through the same dilemma. What makes a woman or a girl uncomplaining or silent whenever they are teased or molested? Many cases of exploitation remain under the cover and are never reported. In fact the reported ones also remain unsolved many a times. But the main question is what could be the reason for their quietness? It is not always an indication of their submissiveness. They aren’t doing so by choice. The reality is that they are scared of what their family, relatives and society on the overall would think. Their reaction matters the most in their lives. Somehow they have been governing their lives silently. Women tend to look up to their society for responding and this is what they see since childhood. As toddlers, girls are taught to behave properly, adjust and comply as per the situation and keep silent as much as possible. Why is it so? Why can’t we teach boys to behave? Boys should be taught to respect every girl/woman no matter a known or an unknown. Precisely, problem is with few men with malicious will who need help and guidance; not woman. Don’t bind women in four walls of the house. They need to breathe and feel the essence of liberty of life without any compromise and fear.
Since decades many cases have occurred whether reported or unreported… condition of women didn’t improved; in fact it deteriorated. Recent rape case in Delhi was another eye opener. I witnessed a case where a young man attempted to molest a girl in disguise of crowded place. I couldn’t stop myself and in a while I was able to approach her. I wished to know what made her stay mum. She simply said, “My reaction wouldn’t have been of any use as no one would have stopped to help me if that man would have deterred to aggressive levels. I was all alone. Secondly, he would have said that there was lot of chaos and I didn’t do intentionally. I have faced lot of hardships before as men don’t leave a single stance to humiliate women.” I felt ashamed that I myself couldn’t help her. Then I could recall the famous saying by Napoleon-
The world is suffering-
not because of the violence of the bad people...
but because of the silence of good people…

Women need to break this long term silence. Life is what you make it so let’s make it right. The need of the hour says to all women, “Don’t be the prisoner of past, break the bars and become architects of future.” Secondly, we all should stand for each other. No woman should feel alone amongst 7 billion people around.
“One for all and all for one”
Dr Aakshi Kalra

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