Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Gory image: Jealous man kills 6 year old daughter and commits suicide

A Sixty-Two year old man at Wa in the Upper West Region, Yelminga Dong Basinaa committed suicide Saturday, after butchering his Six year old daughter to death, following an altercation he had with her mother.

After heated arguments between the suspect and his wife, Akua Erah over the latter’s alleged infidelity during the wee hours of the morning, the deceased allegedly made an attempt to kill the wife but failed and thereby killing his 6 year old daughter Erica Basinaa instead.

Detective Francis Francis Alowuse of the Wa District Police Command confirmed the incident to Joy News correspondent Rafiq Salaam.

Detective Alowuse said the suspect initially attempted committing suicide by drinking a substance to which he thought was poison but police later say was hydrogen peroxide.

Still not satisfied the suspect pulled a knife and slashed his own throat but was over powered by his relatives and rushed to the Wa Government Hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Fidelis Basinaa, son of the suspect said his jealous father saw Erica ran to the kitchen in the heat of the argument with their mother, and mistook her to be Akua trying to escape from him and subsequently butchered her to death.

The corpses of the deceased have been deposited at the Wa Hospital morgue. 


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