Saturday, 16 February 2013

National Health Bill Will Kill 10 Million Nigeria Women Via Egg Donation- Dr Njemanze

The Chairman; Institute of Advanced Research and Training, Dr Phillip Njemanze has revealed that the on-going debate on the National Health Bill will encourage the killing of about 10 million poor Nigerian women who will be willing donate their ovaries for a stipend as encouraged by the bill.
According to Dr Njemanze, Nigeria will be the only country in the world to legalize such an anomaly as every developed country and even developing countries in Asia have criminalised the trade in eggs.
He explained that laws in the debated National Health Bill will enhance the donation of eggs and tissues, considering the high level of poverty, the medical doctor claims that women will be willing to donate their eggs for survival at a token fee.

Such donation which will be unlimited further exposes the women to more complicated medical condition such as cancer due to the explosion they will be exposed to while conducting the egg donation procedures. This will eventually claim their lives.

The doctor who was on Channels Television breakfast programme; Sunrise, described this development as a “biological warfare” which Nigerian lawmakers are encouraging.
Dr Njemanze also explained that Section 51 of the bill dictates that with the consent of the Minister, it will be legal to kill an embryo and there is no nation in the world that has passed such a law.
According to him, the bill is enmeshed with euphemisms that do not clearly state its intent. He cited an example as ‘splitting the embryo’ as contained in Section 51 of the bill. This he argues is as good as killing the embryo.

“Once you split an embryo, it is dead so you can use the cells for research”, these he described as biological slave trade because this is invariably the killing of one human being for the development of another.

“This means it will be legal for the first time in human history to kill a full citizen of a country.”
Dr Njemanze claims that the scheme is being sponsored by the West and donor agencies due to new laws in India which forbids the trade in organs and its donation. He claims India use to be organ market capital of the world and the west are now focusing on Africa and thereby financing the enactment of laws to institutionalize the trade

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