Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Power of Women

The Power of Women. Why did I choose a title like that? Because, a woman is a creature that has particularly powerful force and incomparable prowess. It is no wonder that all women are able to solve problems and are able to survive in any situation. Every woman is inherently a mother. That's why mothers included in the power of women, because the mother gave birth to her son and his child for 9 months. a force that is not owned by him though. various betting is also at stake by women during pregnancy and childbirth. If a man is willing to exchange the circumstances to give birth or a baby for 9 months, would he do it? I do not think so. Yhe strength of women is far more than that of men.
From the psychological point of view, women are unique figures, with as much potential as men. In fact many studies that offer the startling discovery that women appeared to have specific competitive advantages. Rubben C. Gur of Pennsylvannia University's research effort shows that free men have a shrinkage stage that is faster than the efforts of women. Men generally lose 15% stage Frontal Lobe Temporal Lobe. The female figure is far lesser than that. The frontal lobe controls reasoning power, mental and neural networks and the Temporal Lobe controls memory. Another competitive advantage is that female intuition proved to be better than men. Intuition (from the words that mean to penetrate hold or direct) is often referred to as the logic of a woman's heart is sharper than logical man's heart.
God has created men and women with the advantages and disadvantages of each, but wrong if we assume a woman is a weak creature, because actually she just had a feeling that is more sensitive than men. therefore stop the violence women and demeaning women

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