Saturday, 9 March 2013

70% of South African Women Have Natural Sexual Violence

South Africa is often called the "center of the world rape," and an estimated 70 percent of women have experienced sexual violence there. On Tuesday ((8/1)), five men attacked and raped by a gang of a young woman in the capital, Pretoria. Police said the young woman was in line on Tuesday evening to register at Tshwane University of Technology. Five people dragged her into the bushes, raped her and stole her money and cell phone. Police said no suspects were arrested. A student in New Delhi was gang-raped by six men, beaten and eventually died last month, horrible act sparked mass protests across India. Victim's father has recently announced the names of victims throughout the world. Her name is Jyoti, in Hindi means "light." Bad luck of women India has focused world attention on the epidemic of rape in India. Five of the six suspects have been started on trial in New Delhi and charged with gang rape, kidnapping, and murder. The rapid processing of cases, has never happened before in India, where prosecutors usually take months to prepare for the demands.
However, in South Africa, said the activist Zubeda Dangor, there is the possibility of horrific cases of sexual violence against female students it will be quickly forgotten by the public. Dangor, a descendant of India, is the president of NGO Nisaa Institute for Women's Development. Name of the organization that are not oriented religion was taken from Surat Al-Quran contains verses about women's rights. "Why is the South African society does not react to a situation like this? The lesson we can take from the experience of India is that we should be able to be assertive. We are a society that has a history perjuanganan, united. We organized for the liberation of South Africa, but we can not seem to act together against sexual violence, "he said.
South African police recorded more than 64,000 cases of rape last year. That figure includes only the reported cases. Sexual violence is one of the least reported crimes in the world. A 2010 study found that nearly a quarter more South African men admitted to raping a girl or a woman. One in seven men admitted to having raped a gang.A South African police spokesman refused to comment on this news, but he said police are determined to fight against sexual violence. But wait until they are successful, there is a possibility that tomorrow, approximately 175 more South African girls and women will experience rape
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