Monday, 11 March 2013

One Cause for why Men indulge in Violence against Women

Once with a partner, whether one is dating or is married, there are only a few women who are victims of violence. What makes men commit violence against women? Violence is not only because of economic factors, low education, or blind jealousy. According to the Chairman of the Sub-Commission on the Restoration of the National Commission Women Sri Nurherawati, family background could also be the cause of a man diving into partner violence. "Because he often saw his father committed domestic violence against her mother," he said. For such cases, the man can get counseling in order to be aware his actions. This counseling should be done early. If from the beginning found potential partner violence, suggesting Nurherawati relationship should not continue.
However, not all cases of domestic violence should make a woman divorced from her partner. "Cases of domestic violence do not always end with the divorce because of the victim's hope that her husband will change," said she graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran it. When women expect their partners to change, the man also has the potential to realize his actions were unlawful. "He wants to make changes, such as counseling. Violence he had realized that he did the crime, there must be two things," he said.
But in some cases, not least from the woman who, after her husband had reconciled later regained violence. This happens because the husband does not realize that his actions constitute crimes against humanity. In addition, after the completion of the first case, there is no monitoring and evaluation mechanism to prevent the recurrence of violence after the victim and her husband reconciled again.Monitoring or evaluation can actually be done by anyone. For those of you who know of any domestic violence or violence against women, shall report to the appropriate authorities.
In Law on Domestic Violence it is mentioned that victims of violence are entitled to protection. Domestic Violence Act works to encourage women who have experienced violence complaints about problems they experienced. Victims can report to the police for protection for a while. The police shall provide temporary protection to the victim as long as seven days after reporting. If such protection is not enough, family, companion, and the police can apply to the court cases of domestic violence. Authority was moved into the hands of the courts.
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