Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sumiati's Story

Sumiati is a labourer, a woman from Indonesia who works in Saudi Arabia. She had a very tragic event in her life. During the four months while she was working as a housemaid, she suffered abuse at the hands of her employer. Her body was stung with a hot iron. She was seriously wounded in the leg and left with her face bruised and her upper lip cut. When she first joined the employer, he promised a salary of 800 Rials per month $213.33
She was accused of stealing and jealousy. The abuser was actually a female employer and her daughter. Suffering, Sumiati began to unfold when she was taken to a private hospital in Medina. Reporter Tribunnews reported that the hospital could not handle Sumiati’s very serious wounds and then sent her to the King Fahd Hospital. It took 2 weeks to recover Sumiati. Her face was set right through plastic surgery. Sumiati’s body was burned, her legs can not be moved, some of the skin on her head was chipped and many old wounds in the body, including the skin on the lips and head, fractured middle finger and cuts near her eye. Absolutely pathetic.
The Indonesian government strongly condemns the violence against Sumiati. "The Indonesian government condemns the persecution of Sumiati," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene. The mass media in Saudi Arabia announces that Sumiati has almost paralyzed legs, head and body injuries, skin peeling, a cracked hand middle finger, broken bones. The Indonesian government is calling for action against the inhumane acts of Sumiati’s employer. The Foreign Ministry summoned the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia in Jakarta, Abdulrahman Mohammed Amen Al Khayyat. During the meeting, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia urged the government to bring the perpetrators to justice.
I hope the perpetrators are tried strictly according to the rules that have been set up in the country. and hopefully no more cases like Sumiati’s thrive, ever. I wish Sumiati can live a normal life again.

Bella Nabilla

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