Friday, 1 March 2013

The Rise against Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a global concern. As a form of violation of human rights, violence against women occurs in a variety of ways and manner as domestic violence, trafficking, sexual abuse, to rape.
The United Nationsrecords reveal plenty of instances of violence against women in the Asia Pacific region as New Zealand reached 36 percent, 34 percent in Vietnam, 30 percent in Bangladesh. There are rural women who are sexually harassed by force. Indonesia's National Commission for Women in 2010 recorded 105 cases of violence against women, 103 of which were reported. In a day, 20 women are experiencing violence. The UN Women or the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in collaboration with the Foundation Restored launched a campaign to stop violence against women.
Violence against women and girls is a global pandemic that deserves attention, including in Indonesia. The campaign Project Officer on Violence against Women, Soraya Salim, said that it specifically enables and introduces a counseling service to victims of violence and works to socialize its mindset to not be ashamed to acknowledge and resolve the problem. "The premise of this campaign is for good young men and women, single or in pairs, aged 16-24 years, to participate" said Soraya in a discussion in Jakarta. The program campaigns to stop violence against women. It is done in a variety of ways including road shows to several activities in high school and college in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Other workshops involve video and photo materials stop violence against women, and a variety of other ways. Anne Dickson, of UN Women, said that UN Women was pleased to support the campaign to  stop violence against women.

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    Violence against women: Stop this global misogyny