Monday, 29 April 2013

Eradicating inequality

The problem we are dealing with is not small and it cannot be eradicated just by providing the money to females. We have to eradicate the root cause of this problem. According to the statistics, women are behind in everything and are not treated well. According to the World Bank’s 2012 World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development, closing these gender gaps matters for development and policy-making. Greater gender equality can enhance economic productivity, improve development outcomes for the next generation, and make institutions and policies more representative So to start with, we must perform :-

To higher the status of women:-
·  We have to change the ideology of men in regarding the status of female gender.
·  We should provide incentives to girl child or the family of a girl child, this will encourage families to give birth to a girl child. And this will leave a positive impact on male chauvinist ideology of men.
·  We should bring forth women by involving them in every activity, possible, taking place in the region.
·  We should train women to fight for their rights and become fearless by showing them the difference between them and the rest of the world.
·  We should try to keep the city under problem, as much as possible, on media as it may stop male chauvinists to dominate female gender in the fear of getting revealed (psychological factor) to the outer world and it will increase the number of donations for the place concerned.
·  Laws should be enforced, Offenders should be brought to justice
·  If women are educated and self-reliant, then female infanticide and female feticide will stop.
·  Paying for not aborting the girl child, like US.
To provide general help:-
·  We must ask countries with higher GDP to give off their used books, clothes, furniture to the people of the place concerned which may increase the living standard of the people and will eventually decrease the expenditure on general things.
·  We must ask UN to provide medical facilities in the place concerned as mostly the deaths are caused by the diseases.
·  We should motivate girls to take part in international sports activities as this will boost up their status and people will start living with the equality.
·  Two per cent rebate in registration fees for transfer of property in the name of women.
·  A rebate of 10 cents per unit would be given in electricity bills in case the domestic connection was in the name of a woman.
·  A women cooperative bank (or maybe other departments) should be set up and its unique feature should be that it would be run by the fairer sex themselves.
·  The first of its kind seminar for legislators should be organized to create an awakening among the people about declining sex ratio.
·  Famous Personalities, Bureaucrats and experts should be invited to express their views. As they can influence people positively and through this the place concerned will be in the world news.
·  Thirty three per cent of the posts of teachers/workers/officials should be reserved for women. Quotas should be enforced in the favour of female gender.
·  Rallies, Seminars, lectures should be conducted and women should be made aware of the life they are leading in their country as compared to the European women, this will boost up the movement.

To multiply the income.
·  Invest in livestock or poultry. You can breed livestock such as chicken, ducks, peacocks, goats, sheep and cattle. It's good to diversify into different kinds of livestock to reduce the danger of disease. As the animals reproduce, your money will multiply and any time you need cash, you can sell some livestock.
·  Buy treasury bills or government bonds. This is where you lend money to the government, and you get back the capital at the end of, say, 10 or 20 years. During that period, you receive interest yearly.
·  Buy land and build houses, offices or warehouses for sale or rental. This is a stable way of investing, and most of the time property increases in value.
·  Contact stockbrokers in other countries who will help you invest in foreign markets like the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, or the New York Stock Exchange.
·  Join a good savings club in your locality. In many areas, people join together with a few friends who are trustworthy. In such a club, you contribute an agreed sum of money per month, say $50. Club members then take turns to receive money from other members. At year end, members share part of the money and keep some for the future, or even lend it out for interest

The main problem which is to be eradicated is to remove the gender inequality. Only then women can be empowered.

By  Vibhor Verma

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