Friday, 26 April 2013

News for the day

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Stand for Women
Wikipedia bumps women from 'American novelists' category
Nazra for Feminist Studies Presents the Journey of 16 Women who took part in the Elections of 2011 (Egypt)
Somalia to Confront Rape in Camps
'You Deserve Rape' sign causes controversy on UA campus (US)
Stop rapes: Shan women demand (Burma)
Abortion’s Foes Twist Logic in Gosnell Case (US)
Nobel Laureates call for case against Rios Montt to proceed in Guatemala
Why are terrorists so often men?
Sexual offences courts on ice without funds (South Africa)
Uganda pilots mobile courts for refugees
Human Trafficking Proceeds Estimated at $35bn Annually
New Medical Exam Policy for Sexual Assault Cases (US)

Contributed by Gabrielle
Seven years in prison for rapist
Rape is a weapon of war – and gang conflict
Woman raped twice at Occupy London protest camp, court hears

ontributed by Megan Bird
Progress of the Women's Movement
Violence Against Women Act Renewed
Help to Domestic Abuse Victims

Contributed Maria Evangelidou
UN Women deplores the rape of a 5-year-old and calls for greater accountability of service providers – 24 April 2013
When does child marriage become slavery? – 25 April 2013
PHOTO BLOG -Child rape sparks second wave of protests in Delhi – 24 April 2013
Women: The missing ingredient – 25 April 2013
Let girls be girls – 24 April 2013
Kurdish men dress in drag to support gender equality – 25 April 2013

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