Sunday, 28 April 2013

RA Kartini : Mother of the Emancipation of Women

Emancipation of women is an attempt being made to fight for the rights and equality of women. On April 21, 1879 was born a woman named Raden Kartini Ajeng. She was a fighter in the crusade for Indonesian women's emancipation. Kartini tried to make successful the efforts towards the emancipation of women. But to fight for the emancipation of women is not easy, and Kartini saw that the woman of the time was not able to obtain the education and had a low social status. She wanted to create more advanced and intelligent woman in achieving they dream. At that time, Kartini was educating herself by reading books. After collecting and reading books for a long time, she finally made room to educate her friends in her garden. At She taught her friends reading and writing.

At 24, she was betrothed by her parents. Kartini was accepted by one of the universities she applied to, but she left it to marry the man of her parents’ choice. When Kartini could not do anything, she corresponded with her friends and with their pen pals in European countries. She would swap stories with her friends. She would tell them of gender inequality in her country, and from that moment a collection of letters that she and her friend sent to each other was made ​​into a book, called "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang " which in English means “After The Darkness There Will be a Light“.Kartini died on 17 September 1904 and since that time in Indonesia, her birth date has been remembered as Kartini Day. She was remembered as the mother of women's emancipation in Indonesia, and she remains a role model who made real the dream that women can lead happy lives and enjoy gender equality in Indonesia.

By Bella Nabilla

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