Thursday, 23 May 2013

Human trafficking victims find a voice through painting

PHOTOS: Human trafficking victims find a voice through painting
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Thursday, May 16, 2013
In her painting, he is depicted as a tiger. The artist is a Filipina who was forced into prostitution in the UAE. The Tiger is her first client. He hired her for an hour and they got talking.
She risked punishment, but she told him everything - that she had come to the UAE to work as a beautician, but she and her two colleagues were locked in their villa and forced to sell their bodies. She told him how she didn’t want to do it and hoped to escape back to the Philippines.
The client, shocked by what he heard, quickly lost his passion. He went out to talk to her handler and booked the woman for the whole night, so no other man would touch her. Back in the bedroom, they plotted an escape and later that night, with his help, she fled the apartment with her two friends.
This is just one of the stories that inspired the ‘Silent Voices’ exhibition at Ghaf Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi, which ends at 9pm tonight.

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