Saturday, 18 May 2013

News for the Day

Contributed by Hannah W. Amissah-Arthur
Horror: Man pours acid on wife | Local News
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Nigeria: 30 Percent Girls Have First Sex By Rape, Higher Chance of HIV
Girls receive a visit from a different man every night, a ‘new husband’: In the words of Saran Keïta Diakité (Mali)
Niger villagers take mass public vow to end female genital mutilation
Indian capital has 13 times more toilets for men than women
Opening Opportunities to Differently-Abled Women and Girls
Ghana: Women Call for Immediate Passage of Affirmative Action Bill
One State in India Stands Out for Early Menopause
Iranian women not allowed to run for president – report
Fighting Maternal Mortality in Somaliland
Some progress, mixed picture for gay rights worldwide – report
Algerian women get down to business
Contributed by Zaidat Ibrahim (Documentary Film)
Contributed by Gabrielle
Courts can’t lose sight of social impact of crime against women, says Supreme Court of India
Australia: Man gets 45 years in jail for raping and killing an Indian student

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