Thursday, 9 May 2013

News for the day

Contributed by Gabrielle:
Violence and cruelty against women
Local Asian Pacific Islander leaders reflect on year of violence against women | Seattle Globalist
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
UN hails midwives' contribution to maternal health around the world
Africa: Revealing Barriers Faced By Africa's Women Entrepreneurs
Egypt: Man Dresses As Woman to Experience Egypt's Sexual Harassment
Saudi Arabia allows private school girls to play sports
Why are Indian women being attacked on social media?
Concordia opening a new sexual assault centre (Canada)
Girls as young as 6 raped by Congolese soldiers in Minova - UN
CA Woman Forced to Pay Spousal Support to Ex Who Was Convicted of Raping Her Daughter (US)
Police Apparently Missed Multiple Calls About Women on Dog Leashes in the Castros' Yard (US)
As Iceland Draws the Line, Porn Fight Faces Erotica
Contributed by  Rija Owais
Mohammed Ilyas Jailed For Sex Offences
Parliamentary Police Charged With Rape In Guinea
Woman forced to make spousal payments to man who raped her daughter
Widow Gang-Raped
14 Year Old Girl Raped In UP
Man Arrested For Murder Of Mother In Law
Man Arrested For Raping Wife
US Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Charged With Groping Woman
Contributed by Maria Evangelidou
UN report confirms nearly 200 women and girls raped by Congolese troops, rebels – 08 May 2013
India's women-only bank to open in November – report – 08 May 2013
Survivor Stories – Ayesha
Saudi government sanctions sports in girls' private schools – 06 May 2013

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