Tuesday, 14 May 2013

News for today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Acid Attacks Against Women On The Rise In Italy
This Mother’s Day, It Was Motherhood, Not Rape, That Made Congo the Worst Place to Be a Woman
Hong Kong court supports transsexual right to wed
UN must not duck women's sexual and reproductive rights in new agenda
Pentagon grapples with sex crimes by military recruiters
A Line Between Sweet and Skimpy
Somalia: The First Lady On Violence Against Women "Without Institutions or Rights Here Are the Origins"
Kenya: Eleven Women Arrested for Shooting Pornographic Video
We MUST Tell Young Women: Math Is Cool. Here's Why...
Caught in a Bind: Syrians in the Gulf
Where have all the women gone in movies?
Exclusive: Meet the Woman Who Kicked off Anonymous' Anti-Rape Operations
Former Guatemala dictator Rios Montt convicted of genocide
Contributed by Megan Bird
Should Condom Companies Focus on Violence Against Women?
One Feminist's Manifesto
Contributed by Maria Evangelidou
Rescuing victims of sex-trafficking as child pornography in India rises
Women’s Rights Still Denied in Latin America
After Half a Century, Women Head to the Polls
Rapes on Rise in Somaliland, Say Medical Officials           
Delta Women suggests
A CNN Freedom Project - Ending Modern-Day Slavery
A bad economy and independent prostitutes running Nevada brothels out of business

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