Wednesday, 15 May 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
The legacy of silence: Why we ignore the rape of women from Guatemala to Syria
On Mother's Day, Let's Invest in Women
The Viral Rage Against Rape
Guatemala: Judges rule on reparations; no land to be returned to Ixil victims
He Beat Me When I Didn’t Do His Homework
My Medical Choice
Combating Human Trafficking in Yemen - Stepping it up
Beauty Pageant Keeps Stealing the U.N.'s Style
Infrastructure development in Bangladesh: Building rural livelihoods
Rights group urges China to repeal penalties against sex workers
Doctor found guilty of murder in Philadelphia abortion trial
Contributed by Megan Bird
High Child Marriage Associated with Infant Mortality
Lap Dancing Clubs and Violence Against Women
Ten Years in Captivity
Contributed by Cassie Hearn
Seven men in the UK convicted of sexual assault, arranging prostitution, child trafficking...

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