Wednesday, 29 May 2013

News for today

Contributed by Madhurima Malik
Students pledge to end violence against women
New plan to tackle key social issues
Media accused of ignoring women's issues
Contributed by Carla Rodrigues Dequigiovanni
In Latin America, Women Still Confront Violence
This weekend In South Brazil there was a demonstration for ending the violence against women and homophobic behavior -This short video shows people shouting and claimimg to end violence, sexism and prejudice against women and minorities.
Domestic violence figures are disturbingly high, says charity   
Breaking the silence – united against domestic violence”. 29th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice. Report from Portugal. Domestic violence
Domestic violence in Italy
Sourced by Delta Women
Japanese mayor sorry for telling U.S. troops to visit sex businesses to reduce rapes
Iceland campaigns to restrict internet porn
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
HIV-positive Malaysian woman leads fight against stigma
Criminalising abortion penalises most vulnerable and marginalised women--report
'Open season' for sex at Alaskan base, military officials say (US)
#FBrape unleashes the power of the feminist internet
Kenyan girls win landmark rape case against police
Women in Congress Confront the Military on Sexual Assault (US)
Maternal Healthcare Evades Marginalised Mothers
Heroin Dulls Hardships for Afghan Women
Rwanda: Behavior Change Needed to Fight Gender-Based Corruption
Pope calls human trafficking 'despicable, a disgrace'
Contributed by Gabrielle
Sexism protests target Facebook
Effort to Strengthen an Afghan Law on Women May Backfire
How Labour could go further in reducing violence against women
(Don’t) Hit Her
Stop Ignoring Your Site's Pro-Rape Misogyny!
Contributed by Megan Bird:
A Shameful Retreat in the Battle of Domestic Violence
Investing in Girls and Women

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