Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Violence against women : Happened again in India

NEW DELHI - Cases of rape in India is like a plague. Indian police told AFP on Thursday (07/03/2013), reported that two women had been abducted and raped near New Delhi.

Two of these cases occurred more separate and this incident shows how sexual assault is a very high risk in India. According to police, the first case occurs when three men abducted and assaulted a 19-year-old woman who will be riding a motorcycle rickshaw near the popular shopping center in Ghaziabad, a satellite city of New Delhi, at the end of last week. The woman immediately pulled the two men were already in the motor rickshaw.

"Rickshaw driver brought his vehicle to a forest in a remote forest area, where the driver and two male passengers had raped her and then left the woman," said Nitin Tiwari, police officials in Ghaziabad. Young women had then come to the nearest police station where the incident was reported to him. Two male actors rapist was successfully arrested earlier this week, while the third man is still chased by the police. The second incident experienced by a woman aged 25 years. This woman met a man in a park in eastern New Delhi on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of jobs offered this gentleman.

Police Officer Satbir Singh told AFP report, the woman then offered a soft drink that has been given an anesthetic. Woman was admitted unconscious and regained consciousness after he was in a car with several other men. The man who was allegedly offered jobs rapist. The man then left the woman before police found at 02.00 in the morning. Police are now pursuing the perpetrators. Indian police also confirmed that the three-year-old boy who was kidnapped and raped was treated at a hospital in Kerala, southern India. Similarly, local media reported Thursday. The boy was reported missing on Tuesday morning, then found a group of students lying unconscious and handed over to the police.

Rape cases continue reaching different regions of India and make the public angry and asked the parliament and the government have laws that punish violent rapists. Approximately four cases of rape occurred in New Delhi, capital of India, on January 1. This amount is reduced compared to the average of the two rape cases that occur each day in 2012. Demands severe punishment for rapists and protection of women in India increased after rape experienced by a 23-year-old student that occurred in a bus while driving in New Delhi in December. The student then thrown from the bus and later died from injuries they suffered.

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