Saturday, 15 June 2013

Europe's biggest brothel

Published: 11 Jun 13 12:08 CET | Print version
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A new documentary exposes how making prostitution legal in Germany has turned the country into "Europe's biggest brothel," with booming profits being made at the expense of women working in the sex trade.
Show on public broadcaster ARD, “Sex – Made in Germany” shook up the country's normally mundane Monday television offerings, exposing the darker side of prostitution just over ten years after it became legal in Germany.
By doing so, the government at the time hoped to clean up the industry, giving prostitutes more rights and security.
Yet the film, which frequently used hidden cameras at red light establishments, did not quite show a success story. Two years of interviews, brothel visits and undercover reporting showed an industry flourishing – but one in which “women have become a resource, which are being used as efficiently as possible.”
Over a million men pay for sex each day in Germany. Many of these now visit “flat-rate” brothels where men can paid a mere €49 for a night of as much sex as they can muster.

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