Friday, 28 June 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Megan Bird
One Women's Rights Bill Passes in New York

Chicago CEO Starts Non-Profit to Help End Women Violence

Contributed by Hannah Clarke

Contributed by Valentina Zuri
False myths about transgender women

Documents are published for the Annual Session of the UN Women Executive Board, 25 / 27 June 2013

The unique chance to speak with a woman astronaut, tomorrow!

Women are central to the process of economic growth and development

Kimberly McCarthy, the 500th inmate to be executed in Texas

Tunisian court releases European Femen activists

Who profits from violence against women?

An Egyptian students campaign for women’s rights

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
No sanctuary for Syria's female refugees

Documentary Investigates Sexual Exploitation at Farms Across the U.S.

'Progress feels way too slow,' Atleo says (Canada)

As Egypt cracks down on freedom of expression one women speaks out

Egyptian women’s groups ready for June 30 protests – report

Human trafficking conviction in nanny case a B.C. first (Canada)

Turkish gynecologists respond to PM's accusations of ‘sterilizing women'

Oxford grooming sex case: Brothers jailed for life (UK)

Contributed by Norhana Kamid

India Urges Men to Woo Brides by Having Toilets -

Indie filmmakers abducted in Sulu showcased Moro pride in their work 

Man tries to blackmail ex-girlfriend

Tunisia frees three Europeans jailed for topless feminist protest

Checks on shops selling women’s wear to intensify

Kuwait vows to provide USD 100,000 to UN Women      

Contributed by William Kin 
Lesotho princesses can't be chiefs

Call to decriminalise sex work
ConCourt rules in favour of first wives
Uproar over top cop's 'sexist' remarks
Annie Lennox talks gender violence in Cape Town
Gender body wants talks with South African Democratic Teachers Union


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