Wednesday, 5 June 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Madhurima Malik
Rwanda: Kagame Says Africa Needs to Redefine Women's Emancipation
Sonia Gandhi announces special package for northeast women
ICCI for empowering women to reduce poverty
Angelina Jolie puts a famous face on ending women’s silence
Saudi- New anti-domestic abuse campaign asks: Dare to 'Hit Her?'
Why Haven’t the Marines Shown Stronger Support for Women?
Poverty Increases Violence against Women: Study
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Don’t Trust the Pentagon to End Rape (US)
Abortion bans put lives at risk and women in prison
Woman in red becomes leitmotif for Istanbul's female protesters (Turkey)
‘We want peace. We’re tired of war’ (DRC)
Salvadoran Woman Who Sought Abortion Delivers Baby
Report: First Saudi Women's Sport Center Opens
Stop Knee-Jerk Blaming of Afghan Men, Culture
US tourist gang-raped in northern India: police
Contributed by Megan Bird
Women's Aid Concert
Female Violence More Prevalent in Movies
American Women Gang-raped in India
Afghan Men Work to Strengthen the Fight for Women and Girls

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