Thursday, 6 June 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Man arrested over alleged rape of Irish woman in India, day after alleged gang rape of American tourist

War survivor Mariatu Kamara speaks for children at risk in conflict

Maria Miller needs to stop talking about women like they're pathetic, dribbling toddlers (UK)

After Costly Cancer-Gene Testing, Treatments Add Up

DRC treats 300 rape victims a month

Northern Myanmar conflict's displaced are traffickers' prey

Sexual Assault in US Military Also Targets Men, Says Male Survivor

We must threaten women with rape to save comedy, says the internet

Women in disasters

Contributed by Megan Bird
Contributed by Rija Owais
Contributed by Maria Evangelidou 

Israeli judge’s remark “some girls like to be raped” causes outrage –media – 05 June 2013

Afghan men work to strengthen the fight for women & girls in Afghanistan – 03 June 2013

US tourist gang-raped in northern India – 04 June 2013

DRC treats 300 rape victims a month – 05 June 2013

Anti-LGBT Rampage in Georgia Exposes Frustrations with the West – 03 June 2013

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