Wednesday, 24 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela I danced against sexual assault on the tube to reclaim it for women
A celebrity-led video campaign isn't enough to tackle domestic violence
Guilty verdicts in Richmond High School rape case
UNC Faces New Federal Investigation of Sexual Assault Policies
Hobby Lobby Win Injunction Against Birth Control Mandate

Contributed by Suyog Shelar INDIA: Unneeded surgeries for women expose nationwide corruption
AFRICA: Malawi’s women stand up for healthcare rights under HIV/AIDS
BANGLADESH: Is stop violence advocacy working? Author tracks acid crime

Contributed by Shuhada Ghozali
A thousand walks to create awareness on violence against women among the people 

Contributed by Farrah Najar Arevalo Vague d’agressions sexuelles à Pampelune Enterprising Women in Asia posters pop up in Saskatoon

Contributed by Hend Ali

Contributed by Hannah Clarke
UN deploys women protection advisers to curb rape in Africa
Gradual fall in female mutilation in Africa

Contributed by Loreta
Key data by WHO 
VAW Report
VAW Data
VAW shockingly common 

Contributed by Karol Arambulla
'Five Canadian women attempt Lake Ontario swin relay' (BBC News)
'Men -not women- get favored for flex-time' (The Washington Post): 
'Muggers tell women: 'Sorry we had to put you through this' (Chicago Tribune)
'Women's Tour de France in huge step' (BBC Sports): 
'War on Women: National Democrats Oddly Silent on Serial Sexual Harasser' (Town Hall):
'Research suggests women really do need a sweater at the movies' (Slate):
'Women from Ireland face 'enourmous additional burdens' in going to UK for abortions' (Irish Times):
'Women on the verge of exhaustion' (The Daily Beast)
'Unmarried women less likely to vote in 2014' (US News):
'Australian Defence Force making 'good progress' on treatment of women' (The Guardian):
'The myth of older men wanting younger women' (The Huffington Post):

Contributed by by Maria Evangelidou
California university under investigation over handling of rapes
Total abortion ban in Dominican Republic kills - rights group
Police act to halt sex harassment on London buses and trains
Support for FGM Slowly Eroding, Global Report Finds
Despite overwhelming opposition, millions of girls at risk of genital mutilation – UNICEF

Contributed by Megan Bird
Senate Policy Briefing Will Expose Impact of Child Marriages
Somali Govt Drafts Bill for Women's Rights
The Reality of Women's Rights in Kuwait

Contributed by Tatiana Otto
Statistics on VAW
Violence against Aboriginal women 80 times worse
VAW bruises of a global shame exposed
One-third of women assaulted by a partner
Delhi assaults on women rise as verdict due in fatal rape case
woman free after being jailed in Dubai
Women, blame, rape

Contributed by Sabrina Singh
July 23, 2013: My Republica: "Preference For Son Blamed For Rise in Sex-Selective Abortions"
July 23, 2013: Kantipur: "Parties' Apathy Hurting Women's CA Representation"
July 22, 2013: My Republica: Woman accused of witchcraft, Force-fed Feces
July 22, 2013: The Himalayan Times: "Negligence Costs Woman's Life"
July 22, 2013: The Himalayan Times: "Protest Against Gender Violence Continues"
July 8, 2013: The Atlantic: "What Pregnancy is Like in Nepal"
Documents the progress Nepal has made in meeting the Millenium Debvelopment Goals, and the hurdles ahead
July 3, 2013: The Himalayan Times: "Students Unite Against Violence"

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