Wednesday, 31 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Post-menopausal women who are taller than others may be at greater risk' (The Washington Post): 
'Women: Are crazy work hours hurting your health? (CBS News):
'Why should childless women like us do longer hours to cover for working mothers' (The Dailymail):
'5 reasons there aren't more women in Atheism' (Salon):
'Poll: 78 percent of young women approve of Weiner' (US News):
'I prefer women who don't shave their pubic hair' (The Guardian):
'US Catholic group faults Pope for opposition to women priests' (La Prensa):
'Pope softens church's tone on gays; maintains ban on women priests' (La Prensa):
'The latest action in the war on women: Column' (USA Today):
'Le pape François dit aussi non à l'ordination des femmes' (Le Point):
'Afghanistan: l'ONU dénounce les violences faites aux femmes' (RTL):

'Pope: Door 'closed' on women priests' (USA Today):
'Pregnancy changes women's bodies shock' (The Guardian):
'125 million mutilated women and girls' (The Guardian):
'What women-hating trolls really believe' (The Telegraph):
'The GOP misunderstands the 'war on women' (The Washington Post):
'Anthony Weiner still hot with younger women, notching a 78% approval rating with females 18-26 in new poll' (NY Daily News):
'Women 'n' art' (The Hindu):
'6 Awesome things women's bodies can do' (The Huffington Post):
'Democrats with wandering hands: that's a real 'war on women' (The Telegraph):
'Afghan women's rights face uncertain future' (VOA News):
'Women and heart disease: more deaths, less care' (Medical News Today):

Contributed by Anvi SoodWith changing times, the conceptions are also changing. One such issue has been highlighted by one. Do go through it

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela
Female asylum seekers at risk of rape in PNG: Afghan MP
After the Delhi Rape, Small Victories for Women in India’s Popular Culture
Increasing crime against women sparks fear of chaos in volatile Hyderabad 

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Woman boxed for feeding man's dog
Arab Women in Revolution: Reports from the Ground
Egypt's Women Keep Showing Power in Protest
Safety of Afghan Women Comes Up for Question
Contributed by Ruby StockhamHarassment at the Workplace: Fear and Inertia Keep Women's Protection Law under wraps
Rape and Blackmail shows views sought on Woman's Plea against ex-husband
Turkey is now the world's leading hotspot of honour killings
Interesting piece from Afghanistan:
Two Bits of good news!
Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraHIV spread ‘by wife swapping’ in Kenya – report
Twitter chiefs to face MP committee over abusive threats to women (UK)
Afghan women's rights at risk in peace process: U.N. watchdog
French Riots Intensify Debate Over Face-Veil Ban
President Signs 1st Irish Abortion Bill Into Law
San Diego's Mayor Would Like San Diego To Pay for His Sex Scandal Legal Fees (US)
Rape myths
"We've asked too much of victims", says England's top prosecutor

Contributed by Mina Karim
 Should Women Get Paid Time Off For Menstruation?
'Burka Avenger' to Fight Extremists
Women May Buy Designer Bags To Help Their Relationships
Yes, Pregnancy Changes A Woman's Body
New Head of UN Women Speaks Out
Afghan Women's Rights Face Uncertain Future
6 Awesome Things Women's Bodies Can Do
'Comfort Woman' Statue Honors Victims,0,4823318.story
Woman of Achievement for Arts and Culture Award- Canada
The Role of Religious Leaders in Ending Domestic Violence
Contributed by Mayara Bello
 LA County Deputy arrested for alleged rape and soliciting bribes
Rape victims mother makes plea to stop legal aid cuts
Congo-Kinshasa: UNHCR Statics show alarming rise in rape and violence against women in North Kivu
Defendant in India gang-rape trial changes testimony
Man convicted of abduction and rape
Twitter criticised for failing to respond to caroline criado-perez rape threats
Why I didnt scream when I was being raped
Prosecutor: State botched 1995 rape cases
Female asylum seekers at risk of rape in PNG: Afghan MP
Jail form farmer who attacked colne women
More women reporting street harassment
9 arrested in police operation against sex offences on London Underground
Contributed by Megan Bird
Gender Base Violence in Haiti
How Do We Tackle Online Rape Threats

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