Saturday, 20 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by William Kin

Ghana: Women teachers urged to promote education
Ghana: Gender and Human Rights training for media personnel underway in Accra
Liberia: Tehienage pregnancy abounds in Nimba
Egyptian wants more women in politics
Africa: U.S. decries violence against journalists
South Africa: CGE Welcomes the judgement against the modimolle monster Mr Johan Kotze
Ghana: More girls enroll in Nanumba district schools as formation of clubs yield results
Nigeria: All the President's women
Africa: Why African women bleach and the golden niche of marketing

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Human rights: UN Women to launch social reconstruction plan
Women in Tunisia Are Fighting For Their Rights — And Winning
Syria women in transition: From revolution to survival
Renewable energy lamps encourages safety for pregnant women in northeast Kenya

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Alcohol deaths in young women show 'worrying rise' (BBC): 
'Women may be kept out of Special Ops due to hypnotic vaginal powers' (Jezebel):
'USAID announces assistance program for Afghan women' (The Washington Post): 
'4 Women's issues that haven't changed since 1911' (The Huffington Post): 
'Senior Pakistani Taliban leader 'shocked' by Malala attack' (BBC): 

Contributed by Karthik Jayakumar
Book examines link between violance against women and mental health:

Young people use Tech to end violence against women in Nepal:

Contributed by Sangeetha Royan
Man who committed brutal rape of young woman appeals sentence:
Rapist father's legal loophole:
Man charged over rape of disabled woman:
Overhaul of domestic violence laws in Western Australia: 
Jail for brutal attack on partner:
Mobile technology used to prevent violence against women: 
Town's pubs take stand up to violence against women

Contributed by Norhana Kamid

Woman held after asking Saudi policemen for directions

India: 62-year-old father rapes five daughters

India rape victim ousted from shelter home

Libya women’s football team banned ‘because of Ramadan

Canada Funds Programs to Help Women Get Elected in Middle East

 Canada announced funding to help more women get elected in Middle East and North African nations undertaking democratic reforms, the Agence France Presse reported July 18. Two projects being awarded a total of Can$971,200 (US$932,285) include training in campaign management, and coaching candidates on how to get their message across to the electorate.
U.S. to Launch Program to Boost Women's Role in Afghanistan
 The United States will launch Thursday a $200 million program to boost the role of women in Afghan society, Reuters reported July 18. The amountthat could double with international support, the head of the U.S. government's main aid agency said.The program, known as "Promote", intends to help women between the ages of 18 and 30 build skills to find jobs, to support women entrepreneurs with credit and microfinance, and provide training to women who want a role in policymaking.
 3.4 Men for Every Woman Quoted in New York Times Front-Pages Stories
Alexi Layton and Rochelle Richards, students of the University of Nevada, found that the front page New York Times stories cited far more male than female sources after analyzing the newspaper's front page for two months. After an analysis of 352 front-page stories from the Times in January and February 2013, Layton and Richards found that Times reporters quoted 3.4 times as many male sources as female sources. From all the sources cited, 65 percent were male and only 19 percent were female, according to the study published by Poynter July 16. Seventeen percent of sources were unknown.

Women exploited by men

UK Taxi Rapes: "No Woman is Safe in a Cab"

INDIA : Card. Gracias: Rape of Orissa nun, act of terrorism against humanity

Contributed by Vikram Simhan

Pushed into prostitution at 11 by parents
21 year old woman who was raped set on fire in Etawah dies in hospital
Gang raped twice and sold

Contributed by Gabriele

Contributed by Filza Bajwa
Campaign supporting those that stripped Christian women naked begins
BANGLADESH: Torture survivor arbitrarily detained for four months in Chittagong Jail in four fabricated criminal cases
SRI LANKA: "Stop Prosecution of De Jure CJ" – Lawyers tell Government
PAKISTAN: Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

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