Thursday, 25 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela
Ireland: OKed in Ireland; Denied to Chilean Tween 
Abortion USA: North Dakota law restricting abortion blocked by federal judge  Modern Methods Of Abortion Are Not Linked With An Increased Risk Of Preterm Birth 
Texas Women Face Risky Options on Abortion
Lesbians, single women refused public-funded assisted reproduction
Contraceptive pills will be cut from health system subsidy list
Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Anthony Weiner Admits Sexting After 2011 Resignation

Seattle Establishes a Task Force for Pay Equality

U.S. to Investigate Collegiate Dismissals of Rape Cases,0,1159043.story

Research: Divorced Women in America on The Rise
U.A.E Pardons Norwegian Woman Jailed in Dubai After Reporting Rape
Tour de France Organizers Willing to Discuss Women's Participation in Race
San Diego's Mayor Restricted From Meeting With Women
Sky Sports Treats Female Presenters as 'Window Dressing'  Says Gabby Logan
Millions of Girls At Risk of Genital Cutting In Spite of Slow Decrease
Americans Overwhelmingly Support Equal Treatment of Women in Workplace

Working women face more tasks during Ramadan
Dubai pardons woman in rape dispute

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Australia to probe refugee rape claims in PNG' (Al Jazeera):
'Yemeni girl's speech against child marriage goes viral' (Al Jazeera)
'Anti-abortion measures may hit women's health care' (USA Today)
'Why breast cancer kills more black women: They're sicker' (NBC News):
'Women have fueled the rapid rise of BlogHer' (USA Today):
'The Jane Austen banknote victory shows young women are packing a punch' (The Guardian):
'Afghan, Myanmar women win Magsaysay awards for work amid conflict' (Yahoo News):
'Cancelan tour 'Stand with Texas Women' (
'Violence against women in the digital realm' (The Guardian):
'European women working full-time also do most of the housework: survey' (The Huffington Post):
'Michigan State aims to attract more women to engineering fields' (Michigan News):
'L'Observatoire de l'islamophobie préoccupé par les agressions de femmes violées' (Le Monde):
'Les femmes sur les devants de la scène' (Al-Ahram):
'Turquie: les femmes peuvent-elles reprendre leur liberté?' (Terrafemina):
'Plus de 30 millions de fillettes risquent l'excision' (Le Parisien):

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